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09.27.18Walter Bleisch

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09.14.18Kari Guerrero

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09.13.18Chiege Alisigwe


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07.04.18yejee Jeong. South Korea

Greetings, Vadim

My name is Yejee Jeong(South Korea)who really likes your music. Espaecially “No.9 Get Up and Go" from your album in 2017.

The song touched my heart and inspired of me. Last week I composed a new music from it.

Also, these day I am working on my first ballet piano album. So, could you allow me to write down your name and the name of the song for my bar work music?

Please let me know your thinking or opinion. I'm looking forward to get your reply.

ps: If you want, I'd like to send you the sample of my music.

Thank you.

Peaceful Pianist

Yejee Jeong

06.07.18Chris Fong Chew

Mr. Neselovskyi,

Hi, my name is Chris, I am attending Berklee next year in Valencia, and then in Boston my second year. For several months before my audition, I have been obsessed with your piece "San Felio" and was curious if you had any transcriptions available for sale?

I am also curious, do you teach at Berklee? I am quite interested in some of your work.


Chris Fong Chew



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03.30.18Kam Hok Yin

Hello I am Ernie and I'm going to study for my master degree in Belgium. I enjoy your arrangement of "San Felio" arranged for saxophone and piano by Daniel Gauthier and I hope I can play it in the future. I think it's a fantastic work.

I thought I'd contact you by email. Do you think it is possible to get the arrangement from you? I am looking forward to receiving your reply soon.
Thanks again,


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09.28.17Alice Morgan


My name is Alice Morgan and I'm currently a student at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. I came across an arrangement of your piece "San Felio" arranged for saxophone and piano by Daniel Gauthier in around 2013 and have wanted to play it ever since I heard it. I think it's fantastic and love the joyful nature of the work.
I thought I'd contact you and ask whether you have any programme notes for the work, or whether you know this arrangement well - I also have your album, Spring Song, and there's lots of interesting developments from the original score. I love practicing the piece and am hoping to play the arrangement for my Honours recital in November. For this recital I need to write about 500 words on each work I'm hoping to play, and was wondering if you had any more information about it other than what's here on your website.
Please let me know if you can help - it would be fantastic to hear from you!
Thanks again,


Hello ! This is Ernie from Hong Kong. I heard your piece San Felio in Professor Gauthier CD Spirito Latino. This piece is very great. Can i ask whether it is possible to buy this music from you?


08.28.17Donald Elfman

I have been assigned to review your Get Up And Go CD for the New York City Jazz record, and I think it's brilliant!


The "Buy CD" link goes to "Spring Song." Would like to purchase "Get Up And Go" on CD.
Please advise.

07.08.17Günther Bajtl

Dear Vadim, dear Arkady,

I would like to inform you that I introduced your CD “Lustrum" in my broadcastings “Jazzbrunch" in the FRS (Free Radio for Stuttgart) with two tracks yesterday and on Friday the 23rd June with one track. The playing titles you can see below in the playlists.
Julia Boulet from Neuklang/Bauer Studios sent me the CDs for radio promotion.
Please can you inform Arkady about the airplay. Idon't know his e-mail adress.

All the best summer greetings from Stuttgart

Günther Bajtl
Jazzbrunch- XL Version
23.06.2017 (11.00 bis 14.00 Uhr)

-- World Traveler Interlude 13:22
--World Traveler Interlude 22:26
--World Traveler Interlude 32:58
Max Merseny
Neuerscheinungen von JazzHausMusic

--Blue Sketch6:29
--Lesson Of A Downpour9:33
Jonas Hemmersbach Group
--Yesterday’s Blues5:05
--Duerne Flyver2:41
--Lovetune #45:55
Himpel Eskildsen Duo
--Surfer Mystique5:41
--The Jinx8:08
--Mr Wright (is sneaking in)9:10
Webers Hebel
--Mare e Monte5:40
Hendrika Entzian Quartet
--Mit der Morgensonne3:19
--Penny Lane2:55
--Let It Be5:36
Les Brünettes
The Art of Perelman – Shipp Part 2

--Titan – Part 34:03
--Tavros – Part 36:08
--Pandora – Part 39:57
--Hyperion – Part 35:16
--Rhea – Part 36:19
--Saturn – Part 34:35
--Dione – Part 3 12:55
--Get Up And Go8:14
Arkady Shilkloper / Vadim Neselovskyi
07.07.2017 (11.00 bis 13.00 Uhr)

100 Jahre Jazz

--High Society Rag2:57
--Gut Bucket Blues2:44
Louis Armstrong
--Jungle Blues3:20
Jelly Roll Morton
--Well, All Right3:15
Tommy Dorsey
--Bye Bye, Baby2:34
Count Basie & Jimmy Rushing
--Star Dust7:13
Lionel Hampton
--Just A-Sittin’ And A-Rockin’4:55
Ben Webster
--Sweet Georgia Brown3:13
--Lady Be Good3:15
Django Reinhardt & Stephane Grappelly
--Down Hearted Blues3:23
Bessie Smith
--Body And Soul4:23
Ella Fitzgerald
--Beyond The Blue Horizon3:02
Coleman Hawkins
--A Night In Tunesia3:05
Dizzy Gillespie
--Mingus Fingus No. 23:33
Charles Mingus
Chet Baker
Gil Evans Orchestra
--Blues Pour Doudou3:17
Art Blakey And His Jazz Messengers
Ray Charles
Keith Jarrett
--Dinning Alone4:32
Carla Bley
--Song For Vera8:11
Arkady Shilkloper / Vadim Neselovskyi
Günther Bajtl
Freies Radio für Stuttgart
Bernsteinstrasse 120
D - 70619 Stuttgart
tel.: 0711 - 4569285

Eine Ankündigung über die Sendungen können auf der homepage
www.freies-radio.de unter dem file "Programm" eingesehen werden.

Das FRS ist über Antenne auf 99.2 MHz und im Kabel auf 102,1 MHz
und auch als live-stream im Internet zu empfangen!!!!

06.24.17Joe Cardello

Hi Vadim,
My son Caelan is a 17 yr old jazz pianist in his last year of high school living in the NYC metro area. We are currently scheduling visits to music schools and will be at Berklee and NEC on July 24th and 25th and would like to set up a lesson with you if possible. We heard your interview/performances on NPR sometime back and were blown away by your independence, compositions and improv. Caelan is currently studying with Alan Farnham and Fred Hersch (currently on sabbatical). Let us know if you will be around then and we'll book a time with you. Thanks so much!! Kind Regards, Joe

04.26.17Adam Byrne

I am working for a saxophonist in London who is keen to play San Felio for sax & piano. Do you have a link to buy the score or are you able to provide it?
Many thanks,

04.22.17James Williams

What's up, Dima! Are you in Europe June 2017? I'd love to play again. I have a club date 12 June in Antwerp, Belgium. Want to play with me?

01.17.17Andres Orco

Dear Mr. Neselovskyi,

I hope this email finds you well. I am reaching out wondering if you take students outside of your university faculty appointment? I am a Berklee grad from 2014 and a I am looking to prepare for an audition this fall to apply for the Global Jazz institute masters program. I am mainly trying to receive guidance on what I should be working on and how to effectively practice it.

Of course, I totally understand if you don' t take students. Thank you,

01.14.17Ralf schrabbe

Hallo Vadim
Ich bin ein alter Freund von Christian und Stefan aus Do und bin zurzeit in Nyc. Ich wuerde gerne eine Stunde bei dir nehmen. Hast du mon Nachmittag oder Dienstag Zeit?
Viele Grüße Ralf

12.12.16ferdinand dupuis-panther for Jazz'halo

Dear Vadim Neselovskyi ,

I can not remember if you speak and understand German. Anyway I had attended concerts with you at Warendorf and Haus Siekmann (Sendenhorst) and we went there by public bus together with your parents. That is years ago.

I got to know that you will take part in the European Night at the Jazzahead. I would be most pleased if we could meet each other for an interview which will be published in Jazz'halo - www.jazzhalo.be. If you would click to www.jazzhalo.be and to the menue tab "interviews" you are most welcome to check the published interviews in English to get a picture what an interview with you would be like. I would prefer to meet you before or after your soundchecks and if poss I would like to take photographs during the soundchecks. I am very discreete and do not annoye musicians with flash lights and that sort of jazz!

It would be appreciated if you could answer my mail asap. Thanks a lot.

By the way I recently started a radio program http://laut.fm/jazzhalo!
I wish you pleasant days during Xmas and a great 2017.

08.15.16Glenda Kochen

Just watched you live at the Sandpoint Music Festival!!! AMAZING! I wasn't able to purchase your CD this evening, but wanted to see how I can get a CD or purchase a download of the Seasons you performed this evening! Especially loved "Last Snow" and "Almost December". Thank you for coming to Sandpoint :-)


I will be running sound for you on May 6th at Silo's. Can you please send me a stage plot and input sheet for this show. Load in/sound check will be at 5pm and must be completed by 7pm for doors. Looking forward to the show.


Please put me on your mailing list -- You and Band were FAB at Cllub Bonafide!


Hi, Vadim,

12.15.15Isabel Douglass

Greetings Vadim,

I'm contacting you with a music education company called Play With A Pro based out of Copenhagen. For the last 5 years we have been producing music education videos with some renowned players from the classical milieu such as Emmanuel Pahud, Lee Morgan, and Ralph Kirshbaum. Now we are preparing to launch a second branch of the company, a platform for one-to-one music lessons using video conferencing. It will be a kind of online school where music teachers can offer their guidance to students in all parts of the world.

I'm interested in talking with you about becoming part of the "faculty" of this site. We are building up a roster of teachers that are all top players of their instrument while also being notorious for their ability to pass on knowledge. In this way we are creating an online destination where students know they can have a quality learning experience. For the teacher there are many practical reasons for utilizing online video chat as part of a busy teaching and performing schedule. Using our site to facilitate this will have additional advantages such as interactive features on the website that are especially designed to support music lessons.

Please take a look at the webpages for both departments of the company. The educational videos are here: www.playwithapro.com

The website of the live lesson department is still in the process of being built but you can take a look at the teacher roster as it is now and get a sense of the usability of the platform. https://www.playwithapro.com/live/teachers While we are continuing with the design of the site we already have teachers giving lessons through the system to test and give feedback. The site is set to be fully launched in the first quarter of the new year.

Let me know if you are interested in discussing this in more detail. We could continue by email or even better we could schedule a video chat.

Happy holidays!

All the best,

Isabel Douglass

10.08.15Josh Savage

Hi Vadim,

Loved the performance of Get Up and Go featuring Gary Burton on the Berkeley College youtube page.

Is there anywhere I can purchase the sheet music to play the vibes part in my recital this year?

Many thanks!


10.07.15Hartmut Köhler

Lieber Vadim Neselovskyi,
ich war 4.10.2015 in Ihrem Konzert mit
der Neuen Philharmonie Westfalen.
Es war wunderbar. Da ich sowohl Jazz als auch Klassik mag, war dieses Zusammenspiel zwischen Jazz und Klassik
ein wunderbares Erlebnis.Kann das noch einmal stattfinden.Ich glaube,ich könnte noch viele Leute für ein solches
Konzert begeistern.
Ich wünsche Ihnen weiterhin viel Freude und Erfolg mit Ihrer musikalischen Arbeit.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Hartmut Köhler
(aus Unna)


Hello, Vadim, please, respond (write) to me
Здравствуйте, Вадим, ответьте, мне, пожалуйста.


Hello Vadim,

I hope you're doing fantastically well this summer. My name is Anton working at The Global Initiatives division for the BIRN GLOBAL: the 2nd to most listened radio station at Berklee.

We're engaging into new developments at the BIRN village: providing globally-minded musicians the opportunity to expand their own global footprint and benefit from developing market growth to be played with their own prime time spread out over the world with partnerships with Berklee. We'd like to specifically ask you if you'd be able to provide us with your recordings so that we could broadcast it here on BIRN GLOBAL? I'm currently listening to your recordings on your website and it sounds awesome! Those demos would be great for the station. Maybe you also have something more "World Music"?

BIRN Global is the station and platform for Berklee's global reach. With the college expanding its presence in the world we want to bring together all those experiences and share them interactively and musically 24/7 on BIRN Global!

Please, take a look below for instructions with alternatives on how to share your music with us!

Thank you for the consideration.

Best Wishes,
Anton Ariki


1. Please send us any material you would like for us to broadcast via on campus mail (MS-855-IP BIRN GLOBAL) or an email of mp3's (zipped), (we transfer) or dropbox package (link)
to global@thebirn.com (liner notes required for digital submission.)

2. Let's set up a meeting if you rather want to give me your CD's. If preferred, I could bring my laptop to import it directly.

3. Maybe we can find an album of yours at the Berklee library? With your permission I'll go and borrow it there.

For any questions please don't hesitate to send inquiries to global@thebirn.com
For more details, please visit http://www.thebirn.com/.


Anton Ariki Sten Jason Camelio
BIRN Global Producer Director of International Programs
Composition/EPD email: jcamelio@berklee.edu email: global@thebirn.com tel: 617-747-3187
tel: 857-225-4539

08.10.15Amy McLaughlin

Thank you, Vadim, for joining us and performing Saturday afternoon. It was simply wonderful and so appreciated by our board group. Enjoy your time there. With sincere thanks---Amy McLaughlin/Assistant Director

08.09.15Matthew Odell

Hi Vadim,

It was good to meet you earlier today at the MacDowell Colony. I am the pianist and Juilliard faculty member who ltalked with you about your new piano concerto. Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions and play me excerpts from your pieces. I really liked what I heard. I hope everything goes well with your new piano concerto, and I hope to be able to hear your works in NYC.

All the best,

Matthew Odell
Faculty, The Juilliard School,
Keene State College

06.05.15Scott Lentine

Dear Vadim,

I am Scott Lentine, a 27 year old man with high-functioning autism (PDD-NOS/Asperger's) from Billerica, MA (outside of Boston) and have a summer home in Marshfield. I graduated from Merrimack College magna cum laude with a Bachelor's
Degree in Religious Studies with a Biology minor. I am currently an
office intern at the Arc of Massachusetts in Waltham, where I try to
persuade lawmakers to pass key disability resources legislation to
improve the lives of people with developmental disabilities. I have some autism
song/poems in this email that I wanted to have you read and show to
people you know on the autism spectrum and to friends you know who
support autism causes. I hope you and your friends love these poems! I
also have a blog on WordPress about autism. The link is
http://scottlentine.wordpress.com/Hope you enjoy the
poems and blog!

Scott Lentine


My interview with Autism Live, a web series based out of Tarzana, CA via Skype. A longer version can be seen on the Autism Live YouTube page in the last 15-16 minutes of the March 4 video.


An interview with Marcia Yerman about autism.

Scott Lentine

Just a Normal Day

Never knowing what to say

Never knowing what to do

Always looking for clues

Just a normal day

Feeling unsure

Totally perplexed with everyday life

Always on edge never certain

I wish I could lift this curtain

Needing to constantly satisfy my need for information

Always online searching for new revelations

Going from site to site

Obtaining new insights every night

Trying to connect with people my age

Attempting to reveal my unique vision

But ending up alone and unengaged

Feeling like my life needs a total revision

Just a normal day

Can’t You See

Can’t you see

I just want to have a friend

Can’t you see

I need the same connections in the end

Can’t you see

I want a good job

Can’t you see

I need to have stability and independence and be part of the general mob

Can’t you see

I want to be independent on my own

Can’t you see

I want to be able to have my own home

Can’t you see

I want the same things as everyone else

Can’t you see

I want to be appreciated for myself

The Ode to the Autistic Man

Try to understand the challenges that I face

I would like to be accepted as a human in all places

Where I will end up in life I don’t know

But I hope to be successful wherever I go

I would like to expand my social skills in life

Making new friends would be very nice

Stand proud for the autistic man

For he will find a new fan

I hope to overcome the odds I face today

Increased acceptance will lead me to a brighter day

By the age of 20, I will have made tremendous strides

I know in the future, life will continue to be an interesting ride

I have made new friends by the year

I will be given tremendous respect by my family and peers

I hope to get noted for bringing the issue of autism to the common man

So that autistic people can be accepted in this great land

Stand proud for the autistic man

For he will find a new fan

I hope to overcome the odds I face today
Increased acceptance will lead me to a brighter day

Marshfield Memories poem

Today is a beautiful day on the beach
There are plenty of people and dogs to see
The water is warm and the sky is bright
And seeing some people flying a kite
I am having a fun time with cousins and friends
Hoping that this day will never end
The ocean and sands are comfortable and feel so right
Taking a walk towards Brant Rock in the strong sunlight

Now it is the evening of the third of July
Watching the amazing fireworks from the seawall go by
Talking with family about the latest moments of the day
And meeting some new friends along the way

It was a great time on the beach today
Reading a book and going into the ocean on a bright clear day
These are moments that I will remember for a long time
Being on the beach on a nice warm day is truly sublime

All Aboard The Arc! Anthem

Breaking down barriers
Opening up doors
Letting every individual’s opportunities soar
This is what All Aboard The Arc stands for

Changing norms that is the goal
Making sure society does not leave us out in the cold
Struggling every day to gain equal rights
Obtaining this vision through passion and might

I’m taking this journey with you
I want to be a member of your crew
I am pleased that my ideas have gained a new world view
Together we can see our dreams come true

We are here at All Aboard The Arc! on the 18th of May
Your participation helped make this a bright day
You can see individuals demonstrate their true abilities
In all part for a great charity

Fall in New England
Fall is such a beautiful time of year
There are plenty of sites to see here
Leaves with bright colors orange, yellow, and red
Signaling a change that the year is near the end

But fall is also a time of new beginnings
It is a time to start to learn new things
A time to look at the world in a different way
A time to learn new strategies to handle each day

Let’s take this time of change
And focus on new ways to think
Let’s give individuals with challenges a new look and rearrange
And find a common link

Fall reminds us to turn over new leaves
To think about starting new goals to achieve
I call on the world to change perceptions
And give all of us a new reception

My Summer Aspirations

Reaching out, making connections
Looking for friends and new directions
Exploring new places and meeting people
Moving forward and looking for life's next sequel

Beautiful beach weather with waves crashing on the shore
Allows me to connect with nature
My senses feel alive to the core
And I relate to life's basic force

Crowded beaches with people everywhere
Dogs of all shapes and sizes
Makes me feel like part of the affair
And I am happy and my spirit rises

Celebrating the vacation with family and friends
Seeing new and old acquaintances
Helps me reconnect and feel alive
And enables my mind to thrive

Summer is a great time of year
A bright new beginning in life is here
My plan is to make the most of this season
And let the meaning of my life deepen

06.02.15Norbert Vollath


we are an Arts Centre in the south of Germany (Oberpfälzer Künstlerhaus Schwandorf).

I would like to ask, if there would be a possibility to book your Duo with A. Shilkloper in September?
We got a Steinway Grand Piano and a concert room with very good accoustics in a former Jugendstil villa.

Would be great to hear from you.


03.20.15Detlev Stürzenberger

Guten Tag
Ich unterrichte Saxophon in Finnland an einer Musikschule und wäre an ihrem Stück San Felio interessiert. Wo kann ich dieses schöne Werk von Ihnen bekommen. MfG Detlev Stürzenberger


Hi Vadim,

This is Nancy from the management office. When will you return to your residence. We have a serious leak in apartment 1C and need access to your apartment. You didn't leave a key with anyone. Please advise. Thanks,


03.11.15Tuyêt Pham

Fantastic concert yesterday in Berlin!! I was really impressed and deeply moved by your music. Thank you again!

02.22.15Steve Brickman

Hey Vadim,

I am a music videographer and seeing if you would like any performances filmed, general behind the scenes footage, or promotional videos created etc… You can check out my video projects at my website below. I can do up to a 3 angle shoot (in 4K which is four times the quality of normal HD/1080p).

Video Examples: www.BrickmanStudios.com

Thanks and talk soon,
Steve Brickman
(978) 886-0384

01.30.15Kerry Greer

Dear Mr. Neselovskyi,
I attended your amazing performance at Strathmore Mansion last evening. I neglected to tell you, when you signed your CD for me, that I am praying for peace in the Ukraine. Music is the universal language; may it never be silenced. You have such a wonderful, natural way of connecting with your audience; that is part of what makes you such an amazing performer. May God continue to bless you as you share your gifts with many.
CBiT, Kerry


Hi Vadim,

I have a bunch of spare time beginning this week. Any interest in playing?


12.05.14Christian Amonson


Hello Vadim -- I saw that you are coming to the Strathmore Mansion in Bethesda, MD on Thursday, January 29, 2014, and I'm wondering if you have plans to record. I specialize in live recordings:


If you are interested in your recording your performance (audio and/or video), please send me a note.

Thank you,

Christian Amonson

11.24.14Steven Banks

Hello Vadim!

I hope you are doing very well! My name is Steven Banks and I\'m a saxophonist at the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music. I\'m interested in playing your piece, San Felio for alto saxophone and piano. Could you tell me how I might purchase this piece? Thank you!


Steven Banks


Hi hübscher! Wir konnten dich leider nicht besuchen am Freitag, alle sind krank. Hab bei youtube deine Fotos gesehen. Ganz toll gemacht.
Wir umarmen dich! Komm bei uns vorbei, wenn du Zeit hast, bist immer wilkommen!

Kuss. Rimma

11.04.14Johannes Konrad

Hätte gerne Noten vom Stück Last Snow, gibts da eine Möglichkeit, wäre ganz toll.
Kind Regards Johannes

10.10.14Tuyét Pham

Hello Vadim! That was one of the best concerts i've ever heard ( Berlin , B-Flat, 7.10.2014). I was waiting all my life for hearing such a music.Thank you very much for the emotions you gave. You are authentic and sincere, that is rare. Most of the virtuose pianists/musicians like to "show" themselves, not the Music. You and Arkady play without any "genius attitudes", but with sincerity and such intelligence, that makes you so genial. Your virtuosity is amazing, but it is never empty, it always serve a musical intention. I was deeply moved after your concert, it doens'happen very often, maybe because I am a musician too. So thank you lagain. I wanted to post this on your guestbook but it doesn' t work, so I wish that this message will reach you. And please excuse my english. I bought your CD's but i hope to hear you again very soon on stage. With bests regards. Tuyêt Pham, from Berlin

08.04.14Hank Siegelson

I saw your performance with Gary Burton this weekend and I was knocked out.

I am a fan and a freelance writer. I recenlty published an article about the Newport Jazz Festival for the Providence Journal. http://www.providencejournal.com/features/entertainment/music/20140731-newport-jazz-festival-a-yearly-ritual-for-a-perfect-day-video.ece

Please contact me. I would like to interview you. I tried to do it at the festival, but you were napping after the performance.


Hank Siegelson

05.12.14simon shirman

simon shirman - alperin. 732 792 7858 908 692 9101 [ New Jersey ]


Hallo Vadim! Es war so schön mit euch in Darmstadt, und ich bin noch ganz voll davon. Heute morgen habe ich mit meiner
Freundin eure Cd Last Snow gehört. Sooo schön! Wir haben einen kleinen Traum: wir möchten gerne das Stück Last Snow spielen. Kannst du uns vielleicht Noten schicken?
Ich hoffe auf ein Wiedersehen.
Liebe Grüße
Juliane (Horn)

03.09.14simon shirman

phone: 732 792 7858 ( h ) 908 692 9101 ( c )

02.04.14Micahel Tauber

Hi Vadim,
I got your name from Adam Small, My Music Masterclass as my son has an audition and interview at Berkle and we wanted to know if you could provide him with a private lesson or 2 on the 12-14th of Feb if you are free?
We are looking to lock ths down by Wed PM the 5th if possible?

02.02.14steve pruitt

Hey Vadim, my name is Steve Pruitt, I am a drummer living in Seoul, South Korea. I used to play drums for Snarky Puppy and I think we met at a show in NO. I also came to NO to audition at the monk institute while you were there, I know we very briefly met during one of those circumstances....anyways, I saw that you will be in town for a solo concert. I thought I would ask if you wanted to play another gig? Maybe trio or quartet? It would probably be a club gig. Just thought I would ask! Hope to hear you/hang sometime! Safe Travels!


I've tried to contact you by a few ways with no result. Please call Gennady 917-613-9407. Or let me know how can I speak to you by my e-mail gkatsov@yahoo.com

12.20.13Ray Funk

Greetings from Alaska. Ray Funk, producer/host of Funk Roots at KUAC-FM in Fairbanks just below the Arctic Circle here.

I am writing because I am interested in getting promotional copy of your cd Music for September for my radio show called Funk Roots on KUAC-FM. The show is an eclectic mix of world music, roots music, and jazz. It is on every Sunday night from 7 pm to 9pm in Alaska.

I have been on the air at KUAC as a volunteer dj and producer for 34 years (yes continuously since 1979!!) and Funk Roots has been on the air for over 25 years. KUAC-FM is the local NPR affiliate and is rebroadcast on other stations and repeaters throughout a big chunk of Alaska. It is also broadcast on the internet. See www.kuac.org. My playlists are now posted to a consolidated NPR site as well as through the station website.

I also have to say that I am requesting a physical cd as, at 61 and retired, I am just hopeless with digital downloads. I still program my shows by listening to cds at home and in the car. I take the cds with to the station and have listeners who despite the playlist postings call regularly for the name of the artist, cut, composer, etc and I am used to having the cds there and ready to answer such questions.

I continue to have fun doing my show as a volunteer when according to recent reports this music is getting less and less coverage on public radio. Classical, jazz, and world music on public radio declined by up to 30% over the last decade and roots music cannot be far behind.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Ray Funk


Enjoy your blog )
http://de697bd6.com my blog


Dear Vadim, can you give me the details of your music publishers, I want to play with your compositions "Preludes for Vibes" - Last Snow!

Thank you for your poetic music !


Hi-any way you could tell me the personel on Spring Song? The band sounds great!


11.11.13Kerry McCoy

Do you have lead sheets for Spring Song and your arrangement of All The Things You Are?

Thank you.


11.07.13Marc Shuster

Hi Vadim,

My name is Marc Shuster with JAZZIZ Magazine. I am reaching out today as I wanted to extend the offer to advertise your new album with us at pricing that would seem too good to be true.

Since I joined JAZZIZ one of the most consistent criticisms I’ve heard is that “We’re a small label with a small budget and JAZZIZ is too expensive to advertise." I’m here to change that.

Please let me know what may fit in your budget and I guarantee you I will make the numbers work so that you will receive 10x the marketing value per dollar spent.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Many thanks,


11.04.13Kerry McCoy

Hi Vadim-

Could I possibly get lead sheets for Spring Song and for your arrangement of All The Things You Are?

Thank you in advance.

Kerry McCoy

10.09.13Zuo Wang

Dear Mr Vadim.

I am an international student now in boston, I saw your video on youtube and I really want to study jazz piano with you, could you let me know when will you be available? I wish I can meet you in person.

My cell phone: 617-331-4839

Best regards,


hello vadim
i'm a jazz journalist from italy
i would like to get your latest release for a review on www.musicajazz.it
many thanks and best wishes, i'm a close friend of fred hersch too

vittorio pio
via crispi 125
88100 catanzaro

08.26.13gennady katsov

Vadim, I've tried to contact to you since last Wednesday. Call me or wright me ASAP.
August 26


Mr. Vadim

This is Megumi!

I can imagine you are so busy though,
Until audition only tomorrow,
Especially I want to here you another my tune,
moreover I can`t speak well…
So I`m Very SO SO Sorry,
I try to send you long sentence though...

Office said that I can receive it day after tomorrow on Manday.
Maybe I will examine on next Saturday Aougust 3(9am-18pm).

And Next lessons please limit about audition.
1)Prepare piece.
2)you tube (for apply to interview)

1)Prepare piece.

I had prepaiyared a Nikolai Girshevich Kapustin's piano pice for 5 weeks
Becouse I'm thinking that want to make like this tune for piano.

2)you tube (for apply to interview)
Which is the best?

Spring (Orch.)

Musical(Fericia & My Sweet Heart: Orch.)

End of the sadness(Vlc.&P.f)


For drama"Truth and lies"(JAZZ style)

Actually, I want to hear you more my recently tune…
Disregarding I made,I can`t free up for copy right NHK.
If tomorrow lesson I have a time,I want do.

my memo:
International Space Station
World history(for edu) NHK
Japanese costume drama"JIROTYO"
game verr. origenal etc.


How's represent the best for me like you are understand me.

I have extremely made a detour,
Fortunately I can start beginning to write of music for dorama,education on NHK etc.

Espessialy,I like make a melody won
with some Instrumental organization.

But Actually...
If I try to represent some sound,
I need so many times.
But I can Imagine!!! as you know,
This is my big problem.

So I need to plactice for a fixed period of time,
I came here.
Now, I think more strong about it still more
I’m coursed by you!!

I know unreasonable tough,
I want to do my best.
This is me…f^^;)

I try more clear my head though,
Please give your advice tomorrow…
I'm deeply appreciating to study under you.

also Please consult about "waterwheel" the last lesson.


it has been a long time since i heard from you sorry i missed you when you were in new-york good luck to you ilse

06.25.13Norbert Pflanzer

You sell sheet music? (prelude for a vibes)

06.03.13Lenny Shtab

HI. Looking to get your album on vinyl. Is there any chance? Thank you.

04.23.13Jacob Gelber

Dear Mr. Neselovskyi,

I just heard about your music through the NYC CD release and the Gary Burton site. I absolutely love your music. I have similar concepts of what I hear in your sound- classically influenced and using a pianistic approach. I love Fred Hersch as well and saw he helped record your solo album. Do you have any advice for developing my own voice and weaving my different influences together?

I'm from New Jersey right outside of New York City and I will be at Columbia University in New York beginning next year. If you are ever in the New York City area and could give a lesson or share some thoughts, I would love to meet you.

Jacob Gelber

04.12.13Edouard Nesvijski

Vadim, may I talk to by phone about some joint projects? My phone: 508-215-7996.


Hi Vadim,

I am wondering the name of the tune you played at last night's faculty concert (Tuesday 3/5) and I think you had mentioned it is on your new CD?

Enjoyed the performance very much. Thank you!

02.20.13Kronmüller Fabio

Dear Mr. Neselovskyi,
would it be possible to buy the sheetmusic of San Feliu for
saxophone and piano, as played on the CD ´´´Spirito Latino´´ by Daniel Gauthier?
I´m studying classical saxophone in germany and hope for a long time to play this piece.
It would be great if this is possible.

Sincerely yours,
Fabio Kronmüller

01.06.13Kevin Newton

I was at the International Horn Conference last year and heard you perform Last Snow with Arkady Shilkloper. Is there a horn transcription for the piece and if so how could i go about getting sheet music for it? Thank you so much

12.18.12kate hers

vadim, ich bin jetzt in berlin und fahre bald nach duisburg. bist du in deutschland? schick mir bitte ein email! lass unds treffen, oder?

12.13.12Master-Jam Fest_VLAD

Dear, Vadim! Greetings from Odessa! Master-Jam Fest is the first International Festival-Contest of jazz improvisation skills. And we would like to invite you for participation. We already have 185 participants from more than 30 countries registered on the web-site. Write me back, please. Warmest regards
The project coordinator:
Vlad Chubarev
E-mail: masterjamfest@gmail.com
Skype: masterjamfest
Phone: +380936912087

11.26.12William Dvorak

What is the best way to get in touch with the students in the piano club at Berklee? I'm looking for casual lessons.

Thank you.

11.20.12Moritz Thiele

i#m looking for the sheet for "san felio" which is played by daniel gauthier. i can't find a place to buy it. can you help me please?
best whises,


euer auftritt gestern in der jazzschmiede war super. wenn ihr mit eurem trio ne cd rausbringt, würde ich gerne eine kaufen. wär lieb, wenn ihr mich dann kontaktieren könntet. fand es gestern wirklich beeindruckend. vielen vielen dank. ich schäume über vor lebensenergie seit gestern.

10.06.12Tyler Shields

Mr. Neselovskyi,
I am a junior Jazz Studies major at University of Indianapolis and I would like to perform Gary Burton's arr. of your tune, "Midnight Sunrise". I have transcribed the tune but I'm not sure if I have the changes correct. Could I have a copy of the tune? Thanks, Tyler Shields


This is business Inquiries from Japan.

title :To Mr.Badim Neselovskyi[This is buisiness inquiry about your CD from Ayaka Kurita :Japan]

To Mr. Badim Neselovskyi

Hello,my name is Ayaka Kurita.
At first, Can I introduce about myself?
I'm working at CDs and vinyl store named "disques dessinee" as buyer in Kobe Japan.
Please check this site.
We also management own label "production dessinee".

We listened your songs on cd baby and we really like it.
We'd like to sell your CD at our store so we have some questions here.

1.You manufactured physical CD (I mean not only mp3 and CD-R),right?
2.Can I buy your CD on wholesale price?
3.If I could buy your CD on wholesale price,where can I do that?
from you,some different online store or label?

If We should talk about this to another people(label etc.),please let me know.
and If you have some questions, please ask us any time.

I really like your music and we are seriously want to sell your CD on Japanese
music market.

We are looking forward to it.
Best regards.

Ayaka from Japan.

07.30.12Joey Sellers

Please put me on list.

05.14.12Natalia Augustynyak

Dimka privet!Ty bolshoy molodets! ochen za tebya rada! Udachi, tebe i tvorcheskix uspexov! ))

04.17.12Jeff Crowell

Just heard Burton's Next Generation and it's GREAT!!!
Had a question - is it possible to purchase the music to Get Up and Go?
Thanks so much,
Jeff Crowell

03.19.12Ann d'Aboville


Dear Vadim,

I hope your are fine.

I just would like to announce you a good new.

The BNP Paribas Foundation has bought 100 tickets for your concert on 21st of March at l'Arsenal de Metz. We have invited some clients to your concert.

After your concert, BNP Paribas has organised a cocktail at l'Orangerie de l'Arsenal de Metz.

Of course, you are invited!
We really hope you can join us.

Best regards,
Ann d'Aboville
Fondation BNP Paribas
(+33 (0)6 67 45 34 61)

02.23.12Lee Tomboulian

Hi, Vadim,

Hope you are well. Met you at the Fred Hersch concert at the Vanguard a few weeks ago,, and we sat next to each other.. What a great gig. I am following up with an email, as you requested.
The music on the website sounds fantastic! My groups frequently feature my wife's singing (Circo, my ltin project, and the Weekly Reeders, a melodica/accordion/voice/vibes/bass experience). You can hear some if you're interested, on my website, leetomboulian.com. Be well, and let's be in touch,


02.11.12Hristo Vitchev

Dear Vadim,

Hope this message finds you well!

My name is Hristo Vitchev and I'm a modern jazz guitarist/composer from Bulgaria (based in the San Francisco Bay Area). You can find more about me on my official website: http://www.hristovitchev.com

I have been a fan of your music and work since I heard you with the Gary Burton group and wanted to thank you for all the inspiration that you have given me and everyone in the music community!

I have released 4 records as a leader and a few more as a co-leader and wanted to send you some of my work as a token of appreciation and simply as a THANK YOU gift for your great contributions to the art form. It will really mean a lot to me to share my music with you.

If you can just send me a mailing address I will put a package in the mail right away. Your music is simply heavenly!

Thank you so much for your time and help and wish you a wonderful and relaxed weekend.

Be well!


Hristo Vitchev

02.06.12Elke Littmann

Lieber Vadim,
herzliche Grüße von Ihrer netten Reisebekanntschaft aus dem Zug nach Düsseldorf. Sie bittet Sie herzlich, ihr doch eine CD von Ihnen zu schicken. Die Fahrt hat sie noch in bester Erinnerung!
Herzliche Grüße
i. A. Elke Littmann

01.18.12Bob Crawford

The reason I'm writing to you is to announce the publication of my John Coltrane/Pat Martino-inspired music theory book "Symmetric Cycles" for possible inclusion in your Department of Music/Jazz Studies classes at ____ your other teaching efforts, clinics, Master classes, addition to your own playing style, etc. "Symmetric Cycles" offers new ways of stretching the melodic and harmonic boundaries of Modal Jazz, Blues, Pentatonic Rock, Latin (Montunos, etc.) Reggae, World Music, etc., creating sound colors that will open your ears in ways you may not have experienced before. It also is extremely useful compositionally in all musical genres--connecting chords in very unique ways, adding emotional sound colors to original musical works. As a teaching tool, I believe it to be very valuable for advanced students as well as seasoned players…Here is the web address:

The announcement is included in the body of this email along with my web address where you can preview several pages of the book including reviews by Larry Harlow and Bertha Hope. If you are interested in moving forward with possibly placing the book in your curriculum after previewing the pages, please let me know...if you send me your mailing address, I can arrange to have a copy sent to you so that you can see the book in its entirety.

Thank you for your time and attention, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Bob Crawford

I'm writing to announce the release of my newly published John Coltrane/Pat Martino-inspired music theory book "Symmetric Cycles" (Foreward by Mick Taylor -Rolling Stones/John Mayall) by RMCO MUSIC/Charles Colin Publications.
“Symmetric Cycles" offers new ways of stretching the melodic and harmonic boundaries of Modal Jazz, Blues, Pentatonic Rock, Latin (Montunos, etc.) Reggae, World Music, etc., creating sound colors that will open your ears in ways you may not have experienced before. It also is extremely useful compositionally--connecting chords in very unique ways, adding emotional sound colors to original musical works. As a teaching tool, I believe it to be very valuable for advanced students as well as seasoned players.
The "Symmetric Cycles" site offers a preview of several pages of the book. Here are 2 endorsements of the book by Larry Harlow and Bertha Hope:
“Very rarely does a book on advanced improvisation come to be published that makes sense. Bob Crawford, whom I have had the pleasure to have worked with professionally and known personally for over 30 years, has written just such a book. If you are a true musician and understand “movement of sound" you will certainly learn and enjoy from his newest venture into the world of improvising/composing in “Symmetric Cycles"… Read and learn from this master Guitarist and Teacher."
Larry Harlow larry@larryharlow.com Lifetime Grammy Award Winner-2008, Latin Music Hall of Fame Member, Pianist, Composer, Arranger, Producer, Bandleader, Founder of the Fania All Stars, CEO Latin Legends, Inc., Lecturer, Music Educator
“Standing on the shoulders of John Coltrane, Bob Crawford's innovative and mathematical approach to improvising and composing makes for one amazing musical adventure. Your diligence in implementing these concepts in various musical styles e.g. Modal, Jazz, Blues, Rock, World, etc. will lift your playing/writing to a higher and brighter level of complexity and sophistication. “Symmetric Cycles"- a true breakthrough!!"
Bertha Hope-Booker berthahope@gmail.com Pianist, Composer, Arranger, Recording Artist, Bandleader, Music Educator
“Symmetric Cycles" can be ordered by calling Charles Colin Publications at 845-680-6880 or through the website. You can preview several pages of the book by clicking on the book cover. Here is the address: http://www.carosta.com/bob-crawford/
Thank you all for your continued support.
With gratitude,
Bob Crawford

12.20.11Marc Plotkin

Hi Vadim,

I just wanted to follow up re the below message to see if you would be interested in being listed as a teacher at the launch of Wifi Music School. Again, you can see a mockup of what the final site will look like here: http://is.gd/WifiMusicSchool, and find the temporary application to sign up here: http://is.gd/WifiMusicSchoolTeacherApp

Please let me know if you have any questions, I really appreciate your time!

Marc Plotkin

Marc Plotkin
Founder & President
Wifi Music School

Hello Vadim,

My name is Marc Plotkin and I'm a musician and entrepreneur. I have a new company that's currently in late-stage development and launching later this winter called Wifi Music School, and I'd like you to be a part of it.

Wifi Music School is the first marketplace where anyone, anywhere, can sign up and pay for private music lessons with world-class teachers to be done over Skype. You can check out a short mockup of what the finished site will look like here: http://is.gd/WifiMusicSchool.

Unlike other web marketplaces, to be listed on our site as a contractor (music teacher in this case), it will be exclusive. Myself and a staff of accomplished musicians and educators will be screening prospective teachers with the intent of only listing the finest (while offering multiple pricing and skill-level options) as available teachers on Wifi Music School. We're also all about teacher's rights. There's no reason that a great musician can't make a great living teaching private lessons. If approved to be listed, teachers name their own prices that they charge, with the company taking a 15% cut to cover our costs.

I'm reaching out to you because it appears that you're already doing quite a bit of work with online music lessons. We'd love for our first batch of listed teachers to be ones who are experienced in this field. If you're interested, please fill out a brief application here: http://is.gd/WifiMusicSchoolTeacherApp. If you're what we're looking for, we'll contact you about meeting over Skype. If we're ready to move forward with you from there, we'll gather the necessary information from you to be listed as an official teacher upon our public launch.

I'll end with recognizing that you may be thinking, "If I'm already making money teaching online myself, why would I give this company 15%?" Good question that could warrant a longer initial email, but I'll quickly point out that the goal of this company from the teacher-perspective is to relieve you of advertising and signup (scheduling and payment) administrative burdens. Think of us as your manager or booking agent for getting you lots of private students. You'll benefit from the network effects of being listed on a site with lots of other great teachers, as well as leaving us to advertise your services.

Feel free to respond if you have any questions, and please fill out the application if you can (http://is.gd/WifiMusicSchoolTeacherApp). We hope to be working with you!

Thanks so much,
Marc Plotkin

Marc Plotkin
Founder & President
Wifi Music School

12.06.11Marc Plotkin

Hello Vadim,

My name is Marc Plotkin and I'm a musician and entrepreneur. I have a new company that's currently in late-stage development and launching later this winter called Wifi Music School, and I'd like you to be a part of it.

Wifi Music School is the first marketplace where anyone, anywhere, can sign up and pay for private music lessons with world-class teachers to be done over Skype. You can check out a short mockup of what the finished site will look like here: http://is.gd/WifiMusicSchool.

Unlike other web marketplaces, to be listed on our site as a contractor (music teacher in this case), it will be exclusive. Myself and a staff of accomplished musicians and educators will be screening prospective teachers with the intent of only listing the finest (while offering multiple pricing and skill-level options) as available teachers on Wifi Music School. We're also all about teacher's rights. There's no reason that a great musician can't make a great living teaching private lessons. If approved to be listed, teachers name their own prices that they charge, with the company taking a 15% cut to cover our costs.

I'm reaching out to you because from your website, you seem to be the kind of teacher we're looking for. If you're interested, please fill out a brief application here: http://is.gd/WifiMusicSchoolTeacherApp. If you're what we're looking for, we'll contact you about meeting over Skype. If we're ready to move forward with you from there, we'll gather the necessary information from you to be listed as an official teacher upon our public launch.

I'll end with recognizing that you may be thinking, "If I'm already making money teaching online myself, why would I give this company 15%?" Good question that could warrant a longer initial email, but I'll quickly point out that the goal of this company from the teacher-perspective is to relieve you of advertising and signup (scheduling and payment) administrative burdens. Think of us as your manager or booking agent for getting you lots of private students. You'll benefit from the network effects of being listed on a site with lots of other great teachers, as well as leaving us to advertise your services.

Feel free to respond if you have any questions, and please fill out the application if you can (http://is.gd/WifiMusicSchoolTeacherApp). We hope to be working with you!

Thanks so much,
Marc Plotkin

Marc Plotkin
Founder & President
Wifi Music School

12.03.11Bernhard Raeder

Hallo Vadim, ich habe Ihnen drei Fotos vom Konzert im Bürgermeisterhaus in Essen-Werden als Erinnerung an ein sehr schönes, intimes Konzert geschickt. Es ist Verzeichnis "booking@vadimneselovskyi.com".
Ich bin sicher, dass es sich lohnt, Ihren Werdegang weiter zu verfolgen. Deshalb sind wir auf die Solo-CD sehr gespannt. Bis dahin erfreut man sich als Bach-Liebhaber an Konzertmitschnitten aus Kiew bei Youtube.
Herzliche Grüße Bernhard Raeder


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10.19.11jean yves fourmeau

I am very good friend of daniel GAUTHIER;
I am also saxophone teacher in Paris and performer.
I listened your work San felio from his CD ? i LOVE YOUR MUSIC;
As director of the collection for saxophone to BILLAUDOT publisher, I would like to propose them your work for publishing.
I have a meeting with Billaudot to morrow morning 20th November. So, if you agree of this proposal and if you are Okay, I, can push to publishe your piece.
Of course Billaudot will contatct you diectly for contract.
Please let me know your opinion.
We are keeping in touch.
All the best,
Jean Yves Fourmeau

09.30.11Doris Wiening

I heard you this week in Boston Performance Center and I was really impressed. Please let me know if you play in Germany, or if there is any workshop or a possibility to get lessons of you. I live in the southern part of Germany.
Kind regards

08.24.11Aexander F. Dmitrenko

Vadim, privet! Tochnei? pribet iz Beloi Tzerkvi. Natknulsja na tvoy zamechatelni sait i vozradovalsja! Zdorovja tebe, schastija i prijezai v gosti. My vas s Andreem pomnim i ljubim. Spasibo za prekrasnuju muzyku. Sasha Dmitrenko

07.31.11kerstin strahammer

lieber vadim,
ich weiß nicht, ob du dich noch an mich erinnern kannst...ich bin eine bekannte von andre und du hast damals (nach eurem duo-gig im birdland) bei meinem ex-freund lucas übernachtet - es war ein geniales konzert & ein sehr schöner abend!! ich bin jedenfalls von ende september bis ende oktober in new york und wollte dich fragen, ob du zu dieser zeit mal spielst? ich würde mich sehr freuen, dich wieder zu sehen und hoffentlich auch zu hören!! alles liebe, kerstin


Dear Vadim,
I just heard Gary Burton's quartet playing your music at Stanford jazz festival. It was exceptional and very memorable piece.
Thank you!

06.23.11Nancy Valentine

I love the way you play the piano. I wanted to know if you teach and if you teach classical piano?


Mr. Vadim great to see you yesterday! please email me your newsletters and shows @ newyorkedition@gmail.com
and check out my band when you have a chance http://www.walkfunk.com
love you bro!

06.01.11Jessica Perszyk

Hi Vadim,

Unveiled Arts is covering your upcoming show at Smalls Jazz Club as one of the coolest events in NYC! We hope you can use this feature to help promote the show. (Please use @UnveiledArts when tweeting the event/feature.)


Smalls Jazz Club and Unveiled Arts have an official partnership so we can offer 2-for-1 tickets at this show to our members. This is an artist- and industry-friendly program that motivates new audiences to see more shows that they wouldn't have gone to otherwise. More information can be found here: http://unveiledarts.com/goplus

I'd love to hear what you think of the feature, so please keep in touch.


Jessica Perszyk
PR & Marketing Project Manager

Follow us:
Twitter @UnveiledArts
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/UnveiledArts

Unveiled Arts, LLC
430 West 14 St., Suite 204
New York, NY 10014

mobile: 925.683.0170
office: 646.626.6299
fax: 646.626.6399

05.31.11Philip Hamilton

hello vadim,
my name is philip hamilton, i am a vocalist living in NYC and we are going to play the Muhu Jazz fest together. lets get together soon. my email is philipham99@gmail.com and my phone number is 212 244 1635 or 347-746-4347.

thanks and talk to you soon.
Philip Hamilton

05.19.11Thomas Todd

How can I get the sheet music for San Felio as heard on Daniel Gauthier's cd Spirito Latino? Thanks.

05.17.11Jérôme Laran

Dear Mr Neselovskyi,

Nice to meet you!
I'm very sorry to disturb you. I just discover your piece "San Felio" and I'm interesting to buy score.
Is It possible to give me some informations?

Thank you so much!

Best wishes,

Jérôme Laran

05.09.11Claudio Cavalcanti

You\'re o my blog JAZZofilo (http://jazzofilo.blogspot.com)
Very nice musical career.

04.08.11Inna Kipen

Oh, almost forgot!
I'll definitely come to hear you on 4/24. Thank you for the invitation.
Sincerely, Inna

04.08.11Inna Kipen

Hi Vadim,
It was very nice to talk to you
According to our conversation earlier today I'm giving my information to you and the link that I promissed:
Let me know if you've got it.
And please give me your communication info for my database.
I'll do my best to promote you and other russian musicians who you recommend
I hope we'll be in touch.

Inna Kipen
(718) 676-5481 home
(347) 337-5108 cell


Hello Vadim,

habe gerade quasi aus Zufall das Radio angemacht - WDR 3 Jazzmeeting und bin genau hinein geraten in eine Aufnahme vom letzten Herbst von Dir und Stefan Bauer im Domicil. Ganz wunderbar! Wir freuen uns schon alle sehr, Dich im Mai mit Vera zu hören! Herzlich Frederike


I would like to invite you to enter the 16th Annual USA Songwriting Competition. Win a top prize of $50,000 worth of cash and merchandise such as cool gear from Sony, Ibanez Guitars, D'Addario Strings, Digitech, Audio-Technica and more. Also, have your winning songs played on radio! Enter in Pop, Rock/Alt, Folk, R&B, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Instrumental, etc.

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Thank you & looking forward to your entries,
Admin Dept
USA Songwriting Competition

03.15.11Matthew Lombard

Hi Mr Neselovskyi,

I am a saxophonist from South Africa currently doing a Master's Degree in Music Performance. I would love to get hold of "San Felio" for Alto saxophone and piano, but cannot seem to track it down. Would you be able to contact me and let me know how to find this sheet music?

I really appreciate your help,



Lieber Vadim,

vielen Dank für das wunderschöne Konzert gestern in Soest. Ich habe heute noch den ganzen Tag voll Freude daran gedacht! Meinem Stiefvater hat es auch sehr gut gefallen. Ich freu mich schon auf die nächsten Termine Ende März. Alles Gute für Dich und gute Reise! Bis bald,
herzlichst Frederike aus Unna

01.29.11Steve B

Loved hearing you at Bohemian Caverns last night . When wiill you be releasing a new CD or MP3s?

01.07.11Patrick Kremer

Hi Vadim!I'm so happy to have found your music.Perhaps it would be interesting for you too, to have sometimes a look to my website: pianovibration.com
I play the piano since 21 years now, but never had lessons and was never interested in studying the harmony theory.
As Einstein said: Imagination is more important than knowledge, because knowledge is always limited, and imagination is unlimited!

01.05.11Victor Prieto, accordion

Hey Vadim hope u r well, I just gave you call

Just got back to NY. Let me know when you are free to get together and do some playing. Chao


01.01.11Knittel Eugen

Hallo, Alexey Romanov ist ein Freund von mir durch den ich zum Glück von Ihnen erfahren habe, denn ich finde Ihre Music großartig.
Ich bin Berufsmusiker in der Bundeswehr beim Heeresmusikkorps 12 (HMK12.de). Ich spiele Klavier und Akkordeon und möchte mich auf Jazz Ebene weiterbilden und habe ein großes Interesse an einem Workshop mit Ihnen.
Ich würde mich über eine Antwort sehr freuen.

Knittel Eugen

12.03.10Ilia Skibinsky


As promised - I am saying hi :)

If you are interested to check out my composition for symphony orchestra it is on my website: www.iliaskymusic.com

It's entitled "The Land of Dawn".
I am very curious to hear your opinion. Especially, since you are probably of my favorite young composers ever ;)

- Ilia


Mr. Neselovskyi,
I am a student in Pittsburgh PA, and I would really like to play your piece "Prelude For Vibes" on my recital. Is this piece published? Is there a website where I could buy a chart? Thank you for your time.

11.08.10Yamuteev Vitaly

Pis\'mo s Belarusi. Ochen\' ponravilas\' \"Get Up And Go\". Hochu sprosit\' vashe razreshenie arangirovat\' na symfonicheskij orkestr i soprano sax. Mne kazsetsa, ona prozvuchit. Pravda, est\' voprosi, po forme. Pozsalusta, otvette mne.


Dear Vadim,

Please let me know what would be the most convenient way to meet with you, as I do have a video footage from your recital in Varna this summer burned on a DVD that I need to give you. I received your e-mail through Anatoly Vapirov and live in New York City.



10.23.10Gary Van Cott

If you decided to publish San Felio yourself, I would be happy to take 10 copies to sell in the US.


| Gary Van Cott - Van Cott Information Services, Inc.
| Woodwind and Brass: Books, Music, CDs and More
| http://www.vcisinc.com/ --> VISA MasterCard Discover AmExp <--
| P.O. Box 9569, Las Vegas, NV 89191, USA
| Phone: 702-438-2102 Fax: 801-650-1719 Email: gary@vcisinc.com

10.03.10Gerd Jordan

Lieber Herr Neselovskyi,

bei dem sehr intimen Konzert mit Stefan Bauer im Bürgermeisterhaus in Essen-Werden habe ich fotografiert. Einige dieser Fotos können Sie auf meiner Website sehen. Ich bin ein alter (geboren 1938) Jazz-Fan und Hobbyfotograf. Die Website betreibe ich JUST FOR FUN und verfolge keine geschäftlichen Ziele.
Vielleicht gefallen in meine Fotos. Ich würde mich dann sehr freuen, in meinem Gästebuch von Ihnen einen kleinen Eintrag lesen zu können. Vergessen Sie bitte nicht, in das Gästebuch-Formular die Adresse Ihrer Website einzutragen.

Meine Website:

Mein Gästebuch:

Herzliche Grüße und vielen Dank für Ihre Musik

Gerd Jordan

09.30.10andreas pumpluen

Hallo Vadim,
der Abend in Wuppertal hat uns begeistert (wenn auch leider zu kurz...) Du musst unbedingt eine CD mit Stefan produzieren!!!
Ich versuche nun an CD Aufnahmen zu kommen, was leider nicht so einfach ist. Hauptsächlich bestelle ich über amazon und konnte da "Next Generation mit Burton" finden (kaufe ich sofort!) Welche Künstler kann ich noch aufrufen um Dich mit zu hören (vorzugsweise Duette)?
Kannst Du mir die Newsletter zusenden?
Viele Grüße aus Wuppertal
Andreas Pumplün

09.28.10Josef Schymik

Hallo Vadim,
habe gestern das Konzert von Stefan und Dir im Bürgermeisterhaus in Essen-Werden gesehen und war sehr beeindruckt von Deinem Spiel . Kraftvoll und lyrisch zugleich strahlst Du eine große Sympathie und Lebendigkeit aus. Deine Empathie in diesem Duo ist bemerkenswert. Bewahre Dir diese Eigenschaften. Vielen Dank für einen wunderschönen Abend. Liebe Grüße.
Josef Schymik

09.27.10Christian Weicken

Hej Vadim,

herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Gewinn beim -Monk-Wettbewerb. Ich freue mich für Dich. Werde Dir am Samstag noch persönlilch gratulieren.

Gruß aus Unna


Koktebel Jazz Festival 2010

09.18.10Kirk Lundahl

Hello Vadim,

I'm very excited about purchasing your work "Spring Song" in CD format. I'm one of those old guys who still enjoys that format. Is it available as a CD?


Kirk Lundahl

08.18.10Kornazov Gueorgui

Zdrastvui Vadim:-)

kak diela?

When you are comming to Paris?

send me a mail please:)

Pozdravi ot Paris i do skoro!


08.08.10Hart Linker

Dear Mr. Neselovskyi,

I am writing you to inquire about the best way to purchase your work "San Felio" for alto-saxophone and piano. As a master's student at Peabody Conservatory I would very much like to play the work on my master's recital in the spring.

Thank you for your time,
Hart Linker

06.08.10Stefan Bachmair

Hello Vadim!
From whrere I can get your very nice "San Felio"?
Stefan Bachmair, Austria

05.07.10Yefim Natis

Dear Vadim, please add me to your mailing list. Was nice to meet you at Victoria's event. Hope to hear you and see you again soon.

03.09.10Ted Schaller

Dear Mr. Neselovskyi,

My name is Ted Schaller and I am a saxophone student at the University of Minnesota where I study with Dr. Eugene Rousseau. I recently heard Mr Gauthier's CD recording of your San Felio. I was rather struck by the piece at the time and went ahead and purchased the CD and am to this moment in adoration of this piece. I would LOVE to have the opportunity to perform it this summer or next fall at an upcoming performance. I was wondering If you could direct me to where I could purchase the music. Could you please email me back! This is an exciting work for the saxophone and I would love to spread its excitement.

Ted Schaller

03.06.10drmike of radioIO Real Jazz

Just previewing Cindy Scott's new cd and heard you play. Your piano performance REALLY got my attention and I looked you up.. found your web site.. visit our world wide radio at www.radioio.com .. check out our Real Jazz channel (which I host and serve as music director).. email me at drmike@radioio.com if you wish to send me your cd for preview.. I hope to hear from you.. drmike/Michael Matheny/ Music Director for the Suite of Jazz and Classical music channels of radioIO.COM

02.23.10Scott Chapman


I absolutely love the 'Next Generation' cd you did with Gary Burton and was wondering if it would be at all possible to get hold of 'prelude for vibes' and also your fantastic arrangement of 'my romance'.
Would this require payment?

Many thanks,

Scott Chapman

02.21.10Lucas Woods

Is your composition, San Felio, currently published? If so, could you let me know where I can find it. I think it is an excellent piece of music!

02.18.10Yotam Rosenbaum

Hey Mike,

I hope all is well. It's been a long time.

We are building an online radio service that will help high quality musicians / bands connect with their potential audience. From my own experience as an independent artist I know that finding potential audience is a hard task. The system we are building will solve this problem and guarantee that the right type of music will play for the right audience.

We wanted to invite you, or any artist you work with, to participate in our beta program for this, at no cost. We are focusing on jazz right now, but open for other styles for later. All we need is a way to download the music (or a CD sent to us) and permission to privately play this music royalty free for the beta group. This will include listeners who are testing the product, investors, etc.

Would you be interested in some free exposure during this beta? It won't be a ton, but it will help us gain traction and really start marketing to listeners faster.

We are looking for:

* High Quality Music (Radio Ready)
* Links to Download or a Physical CD
* Album Information
* Permission to use the music royalty free during this private beta

Let us know your thoughts. Thanks so much.

01.19.10Sam Lents

I am a percussion student studying with Steve Houghton at the Jacob's School of Music at Indiana University and would love to play Prelude for Vibes on my upcoming recital. Is there any way that I can get the chart? Thanks a lot. Love your writing.

-Sam Lents

12.19.09Elena Barykina

Nice to meet you, Vadim..
I am not original if I say that I listened your music and I like it..
I am a singer. I live in the Crimea.
I want to ask you one thing - do you write jazz songs? Do you have only music? or Where I will be able to listen your songs with texts?
Could you write songs to order?
Thank you.. I will wait your answer...

11.26.09Michael lagover

Dimich, get back to me..I know you will perform in Moscow in 2 days - 28.11.09. my cell: 007-985-9246680

P.S. will come to your concert with pleasure ..if invited :) see u

10.16.09Mark Tomlinson

Hi Vadim,

I'm currently studying classical saxophone at Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London and would really like to play your composition "San Felio" as part of my 3rd year recital. I really like your work and was wondering do you publish it yourself?
It would be great to hear from you.
Many Thanks

09.13.09Kurt Rade

Hallo Vadim
Für die Neuauflage des Jazzatlas-2010, bin ich beauftragt neue Fotos zu machen. Bis ende Oktober, brauche ich einen Fototermin. Ich bitte darum, mit mir Kontakt aufzunehmen per Mail oder: 0172-3049069

Vielen Dank
Kurt Rade



My name is Michelle and I saw your craigs list ad regarding piano lessons. I was just wondering what you charge for lessons.

08.23.09Markus Treier

I like your "San Felio" for Saxophone and Piano (heard on the cd of Daniel Gauthier) so much! Is there any possibility to get the music score of that work?



Dimka, ti gde i kogda?

07.16.09vadim Neselovskyi


06.29.09peter henry

....hallo vadim. lebst du in new orleans ? ......wann bist du mal wider in unna bzw dortmund ( zu hören ) ? schöne grüsse peter.(beleuchtung)

06.23.09zaremba vitaly

it was brilliant! thanks to you and Andrey!

06.13.09Erin Demastes

hey vadim. I just realized that I don't have your email. I have a few composition questions for you.

Hope everything is well!

05.29.09jong su choi

I bought your "San Felio" alto saxophone CD
it sounds so great!
so I want to play that music
but in Korea there is no "San Felio"musical note
if you have them please e-mail me :)

02.18.09Chee Meng Low

I got to know your music from Daniel Gauthier's CD "Spirito Latino" and found your webpage. I love your music so much. Is there anyway I can buy the music score "San Felio" for saxophone and piano?

02.03.09Noeline Hobson

Is it possible to get printed music for San Felio?


Servus Vadim! Gut gelandet? Bitte schick mir deine Telefonnummer oder ruf mich unter 0041788846427 an, es geht um das Jazz Festival in Nizza. Danke!

Hoffentlich bis bald,
Liebe Grüße,

08.31.08Guerline Perard

08.19.08Mark Hobson

I’m a professional classical Saxophone player in New Zealand and have Daniel Gauthier “Spirito Latino" CD. I would love to play “San Felio" for an up coming series of concerts next year but am having no luck find the sheet music for this work. Any advice?

07.29.08marc hartstein / uli bär

lieber vadim,
am dienstag, 5.8.2008 um 16 Uhr im zib (unna) hast du einen interviewtermin mit dem wdr.

wir bitten um die terminbestätigung deinerseits !!

viel grüße
marc hartstein / uli bär

07.05.08Alex Gavrilyk

Privet. otpravil tebe pismo s failami moei kompozicii. Jdu otveta))

06.01.08Ilya Shteynman

Hi Vadim,

I am sorry I forgot to give you my cell phone :
(646) 209-6728

Thank you very much,


06.01.08Ilya Shteynman

Hi Vadim,
My name is Ilya. My friend David Glukh suggested to get in touch with you. We would like to invite you to play a private party in our place on Sunday , June 8th at around 5pm. The party wil last about 2-3 hours in Forest Hills, Queens. Most of the guests will be russian speaking. Please let us know if you could come.
We look forward to hearing from you soon!
Thank you, Ilya and Alla

05.06.08Rubén Blades

Hi Vadim! Please contact me as there are issues I´d like to discuss with you. My wife Luba will be contacting you re; possible gigs. I mentioned her to you in Panamá. Please contact me. Hope all is well with you and the boys!

05.05.08Luba Mason (Ruben Blades' wife)

Vadim, heard great things about you from Ruben. Finished my second album. Will be released in Oct. Would love to meet you, I'm in NY this week. E-mail me or call if you're around: (323) 855-6015.

04.26.08Chris DiGirolamo

Dear Vadim -My name is Chris DiGirolamo and I am the owner and operator of "Two for the Show" Media. (see link below) We are a full service publicity house that specializes in assisting musicians, labels and venues on various level campaigns. If you are currently in the market for a publicist, or need assistance on any upcoming projects, please do not hesitate to contact me. We have recently conducted successful campaigns for such jazz notables as: Peter Erskine, John Abercrombie,Cindy Blackman, Manu Katche, Eberhard Weber, Miroslav Vitous, Jeff Watts, David Binney, Wycliffe Gordon, DonBraden, Marcus Strickland, Reuben Rogers, & Bobby Sanabria (Grammy Nominee for Best Latin Jazz Album) among others. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me via E-mail or at the number below. I look forward to speaking and do hope we get the chance to work together in the future.

All the Best
Chris DiGirolamo



03.06.08Martin aus Köln

Lieber Vadim!
Wie gehts dir - hab lnag enichts gehört. Hier eine Bitte: mein Rechner ist schrott und hat alle Daten vernichtet!! Könntest du mir daher bitte nochmal deine Sachen mailen? (Bio, Fotos, List of Appearance, Brief von Gary...). Bei dieser Adresse hab ich viel Speicherplatz: martin.sutoris@jazzhausschule.de

Danke!!! Liebe Grüße, Martin


Great Music !!!
Do you teach jazz piano ?
I live in NY and would to take some lessons .


11.16.07Natalia Augustynyak (Bashtynskaya)

Hi Dimka!
Long time no speak, from your last visit of Odessa:) I see you are great! I'm happy that your talent is wanted all over the world I listened yur musice - I liked (especcialy "last snow" Thanks to Alesha Romanosh I found Tanya Solovey and you. Now I'm pleased surprised that everybody is OK. Of course pitty that we are in different world places. I have an idea - may be to arrange meeting there. May be Tanya will arrive this summer. and as I remember in Odesa we have as well International Jazz Festivals.. .

How are you in general out of news on web-site?

Wish you all teh best, looking forward to hearing you soon

Best regards from Odessa, Natalia :)

09.26.07marzenna tuniewicz

Well, I am quite interested in your progress and therefore would like to receve the newsletter please. Regards, Marzennka

09.08.07arturo serra

hi vadim
please I´m interested to know if you can help me
can you send me a copy of song "yndrome" of carla bley you play with gary on tour sometimes?.
I would like to learn this song and i do not find it any lead sheet( maybe you keep a copy not?)
( in a image file or pdf will be great
thanks in advance


Spasibo za potriasaiiuwii disc.Mne ponravilos'. O4en' krasivaiia muzika.Vi ne boites' experementirovat'i u Vas est' svoi nepovtorimii stil'.O4en'rada bila Vas vstretit' v Kelne.Uda4i.

08.18.07Jonathan Radford

Hi Vadim,

Just touching base to see if you recieved my last mail containing my contact details relating to San Felio? If you've already posted it i'm sorry for bothering you again!

Best Wishes


08.18.07Michael Bongard


Just wanted to share a recent playlist from my radio show with you since I see you played on Les Fish\'s albums. Here\'s the link to have a peek:


Would it be possible to have your email, too? I\'m not sure the URL above will appear in this contact box as an active link. Here\'s mine:


Thanks for your attention,

Mike Bongard, \"The Latin Train\", Ottawa, Canada.

08.11.07Tatyana Balakirsky

Vadim, hi there! Hope you got back to the US safe and sound. Wish you came to Moscow many times again and performed, besides our club, in some concert halls like MMDM. Anyway, I think everything's just in store for you. It's only beginning. I listen to your album, man, it's awesome. By the way: if you don't mind, i'd place one of your tracks at the http://UAJAZZ.COM web portal in the department "Audio-Exclusive" (on the right on the home page). Since you're our former compatriot, i guess, it'd be quite correct : ) However, looking forward to hearing from you.

Hugs and kisses,

08.02.07Paul McEachran

Dear Mr Neselovskyi,
I am very interested in playing your piece San Felio for saophone and piano, and was wondering where and if it is available to buy the sheet music for this.
Paul McEachran

07.28.07Jonathan radford

Hi Vadim,
Hope you got my last mail about San Felio? I e-mailed Daniel but he has not replied, maybe he is away?
If you could, as you suggested, send me a copy of the manucript directly I think it would workout quicker?
Many thanks,
Jon Radford

07.24.07Jonathan radford

Hi Vadim,
I heard Daniel Gauthier play your composition "San Felio" and I have been trying to find out if you have published the sheet music as I would really like to play the piece in the BBC Young musician of the year competition. I'm studying saxophone at Chetham's School of music and I really like your work.
I would really appreciate your feedback.
Many thanks,

07.08.07Marie-Louise Mutter

Dear Vadim,
Last night I was present at the concert you gave in Amsterdam (BIM house with Vera Westera and Dion Nijland).
You stole my heart and soul with your compositions! I was honestly moved to tears.
Thank you so much for enriching my life with your music.

07.04.07Alik, Misha

Privet Dima! obnaruhil slußajno tvoü stranicu. Ochen' ponravilas'!
V subotu ty budesh v Dortmunde vystupat', Äto klasno, chto ty k nam vybiraeshsja. Esli poluchitsja - objazatel'no prijdem.

Alik, Misha Jablonskije ;) :)

05.21.07Chris Zedano

Hi Vadim,

My name is Chris Zedano. I\'m a portrait photographer. I saw you performed at Caffe Vivaldi recently. I have been recently working with musicians in getting creative images for their albums as well as for their promotional materials. So far it\'s been a very exciting and rewarding experience. I was wondering if you were interested in working together.

If you are interested, I can send you a pdf file that shows some of my work and summarizes how I usually work. Just send me your email address and I will send it to you.


Chris Zedano


blin, ja 100 let tut ne byla UZHAS!!! E-mail gleba: glebv@hotmail.com telefon Martina : 0049-172-2621476 0049-221-168089490
voob6e, esli 4to ty mozhesh vsju infu o Glebe najti na
Tak zhe po etomu e-mailu ty mozhesh najti ego v MSN i esli u tebya est' SKYPE: glebosaxo (-Gleb)
Sine Sexus (-ja)
Tel.: 0049-179-6018029 - Gleb
176-65782490- KopeHb
moja icq: 207108305, pravda tam ja, v poslednee vremya redko...

Dimka, my re6ili poehat' v Litvu i Latviju pozhe. Tak chto obyazatel'no nado, chto by ty priehal k nam v Köln! My planiruem uehat' gde-to 28.06 mozhet dazhe pozzhe... Kstati, ne hochesh s nami? (Na ma6ina Vil'nus - Riga.. i mozhet kude-nibud' e6ö).. $to ty voob6e planirue6 delat' v Germanie? V Köl'ne mozhno o4en' klövo provesti vremya. Zaplaniruj s nami paru den'kov, ne pozhaleesh. :))
Melamudka s Reznizkim periehali v Düsseldorf i sejchas sobiraütsya periezhat' v Köln. Marinka tut rabotaet i ej udobnej zhit' zdes'. Oni tozhe o4en' hotyat tebya uvidet'.
Na teatral'nye podmostki poka chto voshodit' rano. E6ö est' 4emu pou4itsya. I poka chto ja ne nashla svoj szenicheskij obraz. No dumaju, chto ko vremeni tvoego priezda kak raz budet nebol'shoe vystuplenie u nas v shkole i esli vsjo sojdjotsya, to ja s radostju tebya priglashu. :))
Nedavno snyalas' v korotkometrazhke, sigrala uzhasno, no mozhet krasivo smontirujut.. :)))
Ladushki. Napishi kak ty zhivjosh, napishi o sebe... Nu please!!!

05.08.07Axel Grenz


we need some high-resolution pictures from you. I will promote the concert in domicil/Dortmund and I need some good pictures for the press.


04.24.07Takashi Sugawa

Hey Vadim,

How are you doing? man, I'd like to play with you again sometime, and I got some opportunity for you.

I'm playing every Wednesday (7p.m. - 9p.m.) and Sunday (1 p.m. - 4p.m.) at this Italian restaurant called Buona Sera, corner of 12th St. and Univ. Pl. close to Union Sq. you'll get $25+tip+dinner for Wed., $37.5+tip+lunch for Sunday. so far, I'm looking for a pianist from April 25th (tomorrow!) to May 30th. every week but anytime if you could make it, that'd be great. let me know if you have interested asap.

one more thing, I'm also looking for piano & bass player for my sub, while I'm not in town between June 3rd Sun. to June 10th Sun.
please let me know about this also if you've interested and will able to make it.

that's pretty much everything for this gig.
Looking forward to hear from you. Take care and enjoy the weather!



Takashi Sugawa


(cell) 617-233-2557
(home) 718-395-1801
(AIM Screen Name) takashisugawa
(skype name) takashi-sugawa

P.S. Lunch and Dinner pasta is AWESOME at this restaurant ; )

04.13.07Mila Arriola

Hi Vadim. I am the mother of Joseph, your student at Zen Music Center. We were just wondering if you could still teach Joseph. He had so much fun learning how to play the piano with you. If this is not possible we would appreicate it if you could recommend somebody who has the same style as you.
Hope all is well with you. We enjoyed listening to your music in your website. We hope to watch you in one of your shows in New York or maybe even abroad.

Best regards.

Mila Arriola

04.03.07Davy Mooney

What's up? Nice music

03.06.07Carlos Varela

Hi, I am Carlos, a graduate engineering student at Columbia University. I will be finishing my program on December this year, and from now to then, I would like to learn some new thing on the piano. I studied classical piano for 8 years but left it about 10 years ago. Woluld like to learn basics of jazz and how to improvise. How much would you charge for classes and where would them be held?

02.28.07Michael Sutton

I hope you don't mind me e-mailing you. My name is Michael Sutton, and I am a publicist & radio promoter based in Tacoma, Washington. I visited your website, and I feel that you are an artist that I could work with. I was wondering if you were interested in hiring my services. Yes, I realize that you've probably been receiving a number of offers like this. I only ask that you please take a few minutes to read this to see if there's anything I can do which might interest you.

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02.20.07Mike Menzietti

Hello, I am interested in performing your piece San Felio for saxophone and piano. Can I buy it from you? Thanks. Mike

02.19.07Kenny Love

Mr. Neselovskyi:

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02.14.07willie davis

Nice site Vadim. I enjoy your music. I liked the painting when your site is launched.

From the looks of your past shows, you certainly do get around.

Just writing to wish you well. I hope I have an opportunity to see you perform soon. Please put me on your news letter.

I did notice that you have played the Anyway Cafe, and it listed it as being in Brooklyn. I wonder if you played the one in Manhattan on lower 2nd Ave.

Take care of yourself and keep on creating !


01.05.07Adam Ackerman

Hey Dima!

It's been such a long time! I don't know what made me think to look you up, but I'm so glad I did. It seems like things are going great for you! Congratulations on all your success!
I'm back in Boston finishing up a masters in composition at NEC, then hopefully onto more school...if I get in somewhere. Drop me a line if you have some time. I'd love to hear from you. If you're ever in Boston let me know.

adam ackerman

12.07.06Karen Bell

Hi Vadim,

My name is Karen Bell and I am the Director of Alumni Affairs for Berklee. I've heard many great things about you and it was suggested that I asked you if you'd be available to play on Monday night. I apologize for the invitatio to play coming to you so late. I've been traveling and just didn't stop to send the email to you.

Here are the details for the event:

Annual Alumni Holiday Social
6:00 PM-9:00 PM
42 East 1st St.
New York, NY

This will be our first time in this place. We're looking forward to it though and it would be great if you could play. since I haven't seen the space yet, I was thinking of only solo keyboard with an amp. We are able to pay you $150.00. It's very relaxed. If you could start at 6:15pm and play for a while then break, eat, drink, mingle with friends. I'll make a few announcements around 7:30pm, then if you could play again starting around 8:00p then relax and eat/drink more until the end. Are you available and interested?

Also, I will be in town on Sunday night so I'll be dropping by the Cafe Vivaldi and looking forward to it!

Thanks for even considering. Let me know if you have any questions.

Take care,


10.21.06Steven FitzGerald

I am a classical saxophonist studying at the Hartt School of Music in Hartford, CT and I am big fan of your musicality. I was wondering if I could purchase the music for your piece San Felio to perform this Spring. I heard the piece on Daniel Gauthier's recording Spirito Latino and immediately fell in love with it. Thanks for your time.

Steve FitzGerald

09.23.06Ta-Wei (David)

Hi Vadim
It's my second time to visit your webside and still feel inspired by your songs. I can't find more info about your show on Oct. 10th. Can you mail me more detail? I will love to go there and enjoy your music. BTW when you finish the Rach No.2 and want to find someone to play the orch. part. Just let me know and I think we can have fun to play together.

09.21.06yumi harada

tDear Vadim, Thank you very much for send me mail.I was so happy to get your mail. Please let me know when CD. is a Vailable. I was graduate Kouyou music school, in kobe. I do have a piano trio concert about once a year. Last one was Feb 25. 06. It was a collaboration pro pianist and bassist and high school student dramer.It was on a Kobe news paper. I wan to introduce your CD my next concertPlease take care. best wishes, Yumi

09.20.06yumi harada

I ,m sendinig this mail from KObe Japan. I also play piano. I saw you last year,when you came to Kobe. and I really love your piano play.

09.20.06yumi harada

I saw you at kobe.And Ibought yourCD. Iwant to listen yourtrio play.So If you have A CD what you play with bass and drum,Please tell me hou can I get.

07.18.06alex sebastianutto

Hi, Vadim. I listened your piece "San Felio" for sax & piano, and I would to buy the score, but I didn't find it on the Web. Could you please help me?
Thanks a lot

03.01.06Robert Surroca


Hi, my name is Robert and I want to say that you sound great. My aunt told me that she saw you playing not that long ago at Fisher Island in Florida. She also loves the sound and unique form you use to play on the piano. Of course, I cannot forget your band. You guys sound so perfect when playing together. Keep it up! I love it! Vadim, I would love to hear you and your band down here in Florida. Please let everyone know when you will be down here. I'll be the first one to arrive at your concert. Well, I'm glad I found out about your website. It is so simple, but so nicely made. Thank you for your music and for the band's music.

02.10.06Masha Dubinskaya

Hab dich ewiglang nicht gesehen. Du bist ja richtig groß geworden :) Deine Musuk finde ich einfach großartig. Viel Glück!


Hey Vadim! Long time no hea! I see you are doing more than great,actually you are THE MAN.Great,Im happy for you.I saw your sign in Blue note Milano guestbook and I said I have to write to you.Well I hope to see you somwhere soon and all the best!!!!

02.02.06Frank LoCrasto

Hi Vadim-We met at Smalls after a trio gig I had there. Great site and beautiful music! I look forward to hearing more of your work. Sounds amazing! www.franklocrasto.com Brooklyn!!

01.30.06Jeffery Davis

Hey Vadim, this is Jeff Davis the vibes player long time no see. great site you have here. Great music, hope to hear from you soon.
Best wishes.

01.16.06James "Big Pimpin' " Williams

Yeeeaaaaahhh Son!!!! Dima's in the house!!! This cat's the baddest Russian pianist in all the land!!!! Word to your mother!!! See you in Miami chuvak.

01.16.06Luques "Mac Daddy" Curtis

Yoooooo..... see you in Miami!! Shiza.... Killin page!!!

01.09.06Roy Assaf

Killer website man!!!
How have you been?
we should hang soon, or go check a good show.

If you have time, you can visit my new website at:

Talk to you soon,