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Vadim has limited availability for online lessons in Composition and Piano via Zoom, Skype or Facetime. He is an Associate Professor at Berklee College of Music and has thought workshops Japan, Korea, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Ukraine and Russia. Many of his students went on to have successful professional careers in music: (Bence Peter, Jesus Molina, Jordan Padilla), winning competitions (Jisu Jung — ASCAP Young Composers’ Competition 2020, Wong Foo Jeng — El Paso Original Music  Competition, Hideaki Ura — Yamaha Scholarship Competition).  

Here are some student testimonials from website

“Vadim is the best teacher I've ever had. He genuinely cares about each of his students. He can diagnose exactly what you need to work on to improve. He is also a magnificent player and does not care about technicality for its own sake. What matters to Vadim is truthfulness to yourself and human connection.” 

“Vadim is the kind of instructor who is so great that he can actually rejuvenate one's interest in a subject. Beware that the man will encourage you in your independent writing and compositional work. His class may be the most difficult I've taken this semester, but it has also by far been the most rewarding. Excellent teacher.” 

“Young, friendly, honest/picky about music, lively, creative, fun... he just boosted my unique musical voice.” 

“If you want to find your own voice, take him! :) He is very talented in music. He can play ANYTHING.” 

“Far and away the world's greatest human. Take him as your private instructor if you're into that sort of thing. If you're the type of person who could never answer the eternal question "What do you play: Jazz or Classical?" then to you I recommend Vadim Neselovskyi.” 

“If you're confused about your musical style and seeking your voice, just take Vadim. He will open your mind to a great extent and help you more than you need. He is a music genius and way different from all piano teachers you have had.” 

“Very enthusiastic, willing to help and share knowledge, very friendly yet really tough. Absolutely recommended.” 

Here are some of the main topics of Vadim’s teaching:


Vadim is very committed to help his students to find their unique original voice in music. As a pianist/composer/improviser who has been writing and performing original music in many different context from a small group to symphony orchestra, he's been encouraging his students to create many amazing new works and perform/record them. Some of the topics discussed in his lessons are: 

  • Voiceleading: Lessons from Bach, Beattles and Take6 
  • Surprise in Musical Composition: How Schumann, Djavan, and Paul McCartney create sense of suprise in their works

  • What can we learn from various folk music traditions? How can we implement folk elements into our compositions? 

  • Study in Form: Alalyzing Masterpieces by Chopin, Prokofiev, Lyle Mays, Rachmaninov, Russel Ferrante etc. How can we imply classical form principles in jazz compositions?  

  • Reharmonisation: How do we develop  successful fresh version of an old piece or song? Examples from Bach and Siloti to Dirty Loops and Herbie Hancock    


As a jazz pianist who played with many great musicians including Gary Burton, Julian Lage, Lee Konitz, Randy Brecker, Marcus Gilmore, Dave Douglas, to name just a few, Vadim is excited to share his experience and knowledge with aspiring jazz pianists. 

  • Learning Jazz Standards — Development of Jazz Repertoire
  • Deep Listening and Transcription: How can we learn from Charlie Parker, Coltrane, Bud   Powell, Wynton Kelly, Thelonious Monk and all the other Jazz Greats? 

  • Rhythm in Jazz and beyond — development of a strong rhythmic concept. Polyrhythms, various rhythmic         traditions, lessons from great drummers of the past. 

  • Solo Piano Concepts: Development of Left Hand Independence 

And so much more!

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